What Is the Sydney Project?

The Sydney Project Dive Team is a diverse group of dedicated divers which invites you to become a member, and share the experience and adventure of underwater exploration.

The Sydney Project aims to extend the boundaries of diving exploration in order to document the unique underwater heritage in Sydney and surrounding areas through the use of safe technical diving practices and leading diving technology.  We work alongside Governmental and Scientific Bodies, educating and encouraging divers to develop their skills and ability.  This web site is dedicated to documenting and sharing the discoveries and knowledge with both the diving and wider communities.

Our Charter is the Exploration of new dive sites, Documentation by site recording, Preservation by environmental care and Education by liaising with all interested bodies.  By entering our Web Site we hope that you will enjoy sharing part of The Sydney Project as we endeavour to become the forefront of the Discovery of Shipwreck and Submerged Heritage in Sydney and surrounds. We invite all divers and no divers alike who are interested to become members under a common interest and passion in the Responsible Exploration of the Underwater World.

Please feel free to browse our site.  Come back regularly, add us to your favourites, link to our site or ask to be put on our Updates List.  Even better, become a member and help us share the joy of having a real adventure just beyond our foreshore.


Where did the Name Come From?

How many times have we heard this? What seems like such an odd name has actually become a very apt description of this relatively new dive association. Initially this name was generated due to a few tech divers dreaming of diving a wreck called ‘The HMAS Sydney”. Enthusiasm was high for this small group and the thought of diving an Australian naval vessel for the first time was the driving force. For many of them the excitement of diving scuttled shipwrecks week in week out, with an occasional dive on either HMAS Encounter (a scuttled Cruiser) or the pretty but small (30mtrs long) P.S.Koputai, had worn thin. This new goal encouraged them to keep diving to keep up skill levels, build experience and learn new skills that would be necessary to dive a deeper site such as “Sydney”. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it) it turned out HMAS Sydney was sunk in incredibly deep water and not realistically achievable for free swimming divers.) However, Sydney project was already well established (unofficially). Several dives off Sydney at an area known as “The peak” had been conducted in depths exceeding 100mtrs.

Technical Diving had indeed moved to the next level.


How Do I Join?

Easy - See the Joining Page


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