Koputai - Steamer Paddle Tug
8 KM from Bondi
Max Depth: 78 Mtrs Average Depth: 75 Mtrs
Average Viz: 10 Mtrs Lives Lost: 0
Construction: Iron Sank In: 1920

The ship sank during rough weather in 1920 when it sprang a leak on it way from Sydney Harbour, Dawes Point . The wreck was only discovered a few years ago, and lays close to the wreck of the HMAS Encounter. 

The wreck is broken up but the boilers, engine and paddels are still the dominant feature, and makes for a great photography. There is a lot of Brass on the wreck, probably due to the depth and limited time for people to take anything. Of course the wreck is protected under the Martime Heritage act. 

Divers have to be carefull when diving around this wreck, as there is a lot of loose cables from previous bouy lines that the fishos keep on cutting.

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