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Technically Speaking: What's Missing From This Picture?

Every wreck has stories to tell. Stories of the crew, the journey, and ultimately, those final frantic hours. Diving these wrecks is the opportune way to learn these stories, and of course, is so much fun that it's easy to get completely caught up in the tangible remains as you swim gleefully around them.  But it's often what is not there that can provide just as much intrigue and information.


Technically Speaking: In Support of the UN-conventional

As divers, we're a lot more used to regulations than any of us like to let on, really. From the days of basic training right through to how long you can park at a marina, diving by its very nature is as much subject to rules of nature as it is practice or legislation.  Divers are part of a diverse fabric of people with claims to sea. We share our passion for the ocean alongside mariners, swimmers, fishing enthusiasts, biologists, maritime archaeologists and a host of watercraft and other recreational salties. But one other very particular thing unites the lot of us.....none of us like having any rules imposed on us by anyone 'else'.


Technically Speaking: The Beaufort Scale

On a perfect wreck-diving day of infinite clear skies and mirror calm seas, there's nothing better than a smooth run out to site, an easy dive, a beautiful wreck and current-free deco; before finning gleefully back to the boat to leisurely peel out of your gear and relish the sunshine.


Technically Speaking: To Take or Not to Take

We are only 200 years old! How I really dislike this line. It’s got to be the worst excuse I get when a discussion circles around Australia’s history, heritage and protection.

Why do people in general assume that our history is insignificant because it’s not old? That most non-aboriginal structures are not to be counted as heritage? We sometimes seem to even ignore aboriginal history, which is virtually unknown to a majority of people; a real shame when Australia’s indigenous history is documented well over 40 thousand years.


Technically Speaking: Closed Circuit Voodoo

Closed Circuit Voodoo

It’s only for military, scientists and top photographers. This is what I heard being said to me, and what prompted me to write this article.

Is Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) such an evil machine; to such extend that some would consider it the realm of experts and commercial dive work? Does it require military style training to become proficient in its use?

Rebreathers gained popularity in the late nineties becoming widespread within the technical diving realm at a fast rate. The popularity increase, it seems, may have been due to mixed gas diving. As use of Trimix increased enabling divers to reach wrecks and caves at greater depth, so did the price of dives.


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