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Technically Speaking: Bailing Out On A Closed Circuit Rebreather

No one subject is discussed as much by rebreather divers as ‘bailout’. Opinions vary greatly, from the most optimistic, or ‘alpinist’ diver, to the most pessimistic who may opt for double redundancy. In an effort to clear the decks a bit, this article intends to outline some bailout circumstances, requirements and techniques in order to winnow our options a little. There is also not enough space to discuss gas choices, which will be the subject of

Technically Speaking: CCR Configuration Basics

This article discusses a generic configuration for a typical rebreather being used for trimix diving. It is in no way stating that this is the correct configuration or otherwise, but it does describe one way of doing things and has a growing number of followers. Newcomers to rebreather diving on mix may get some useful ideas from it; the dyed in the wool can start their email wars about what is wrong with it. The essence of this configuration is

Technically Speaking: The Limits

How deep can you dive? It’s the most common question a wreck diver gets asked by non-divers; and the answer is usually not that straightforward. Dive limits are not only physical to the diver in terms of the human body or the equipment used. But it’s also the factors in a divers surroundings that affect these limits.

Tech diving has advanced so much in recent years, that we are able to explore places never before possible. But this advancement doesn’t stop, it will always continue if only slowly, it still moves ahead.


Technically Speaking: Diving the Mountain

Australian cave divers have a number of old coal and gold mines scattered through out the country, including in NSW, where we have a few examples which have been abandoned long a go and forgotten. A handful of Sydney Project cave divers ventured out to the Blue Mountains to explore one of NSWs abandoned mines.

Some of these mines may not be accessible for various reasons such as being located on private properties and owners sometimes reluctant to allow access - especially when it involves diving.


Technically Speaking: Support Diving: It’s Not All About Carrying Tanks

Being a support diver with the Sydney Project comes with mixed blessings. On one hand, being part of a team of divers and non-divers who are passionate about the search and location of undiscovered wrecks and pushing dive limits is a rush. On the other hand, cynics label the job of support diver as ‘tank carrier’, ‘lackey’ or worse,

As a support diver, I concede that that carrying tanks is part of the JD. When there are up to 8 CCR’s, 20 variously sized cylinders of mix and O2, shot line, deco station, first aid and O2 kit, along with personnel gear to load onto a charter, no one in the team escapes the role of being a tank carrier.


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