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Technically Speaking: Multitasking Environments

 Multitasking Environments

When the term Technical Diving was first spoken, it referred to everything that was beyond recreational diving, such as mixed gas, decompression and rebreathers. There is a wide range of diving activities that can fall into this category, and anyone who is into tech diving may take up more that just one type.


Technically Speaking: The Fine Art of Exploratory Diving

The end of August saw the Sydney Project embark on an exploration trip to Bateman’s Bay following up a lead on ‘metal’ which had historically hung many trawler’s nets.

Well, that’s a single sentence to encompass a long lead time of phone calls, favours begged, investigation of online and written data, and securing a suitable boat to charter for the event. Most of this work is down to the SP’s leader/founder/court jester, Samir Alhafith. Regardless

Technically Speaking: Onwards & Downwards - A Progression to Deep Technical Diving

They reminded me of spacemen, these guys (and a lady) slowly shuffling down the aluminium plank connecting the back of Barry's dive boat to the shore. They were wearing dry suits, large backpacks, cylinders, more hoses and tubes than I've ever seen and bits and pieces I didn't even recognize at the time. I vaguely remembered seeing one of those yellow rebreather things at a club meeting some years back but I wasn't paying much attention

Technically Speaking: Baby Steps

From the day we are born our life starts on a road of progression, and it doesn’t stop until the end. Progression is a natural part of our growth in our lives, and it’s all around us everywhere we look and in everything we do, and in diving it’s an important part of the learning curve, more so when we venture towards technical diving.

From the time we do our open water course, we are told to dive, dive and more dive to

Technically Speaking: Gear Configuration - CCR, Full Face Masks and Off-Board Gas

There's nothing like putting finger to keyboard in the opinionated world of technical diving and the excssively opinionated work of re-breathe diving, but here goes. As they say, publish or perish, so in the speakers corner of Hyde Park in the Aussie Dive industy, here goes.

Having dived CCR for many years now and a being a self proclaimed tinkerer I have taken to modifying (pimping) my unit a lot. First the Inspiration and more recently my Mk15.5.

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