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Technically Speaking: Values


It’s been some time since I wrote an article, and usually when I write an article it’s because there is a subject, or a topic that I am passionate about. This article raises points regarding values, in particular how these values are changing as wreck diving progresses.

When humans decide to pursue an activity, there is always a goal in mind to achieve. In the process of planning certain values on these activities and outcomes are placed.  Within diving this is also true, we dive to achieve a goal, whether it is for fun, gathering food, or finding lost human remanets of past eras - for wrecks divers, of course are shipwrecks.


Technically Speaking: Visiting Graves

Visiting Graves

When a shipwreck event occurs it is often that lives are lost, at times a small number of lives other times in significant numbers. Shipwrecks are due to accidents and more so during war and other conflict.


Technically Speaking: Diving Naked

Diving historical shipwrecks, old mines or caves that were once inhabited by people is akin to travelling back in time. They are time capsules for objects and artefacts of past eras and, unless disturbed, lay in the same place they originally landed.

I held little knowledge of shipwrecks when I started my diving career and didn’t consider, let alone appreciate, the historical or cultural significance of these sites at the time.


Technically Speaking: Blue Holes Exploration Trip


Early May 2009, and the idea of a trip to explore possible blue hoes and associated cave structures in the Coral Sea is mooted at a Sydney Project meeting. As a bit of a sea-change from trying to dive on deep wrecks prone to current, the appeal was strong and before long a team of some 10 divers was signed up and ready to prepare for a trip to the (relatively) unknown.


Technically Speaking: A review of the "Review of Historic Shipwrecks Act"

The recent noise around the UNESCO Convention and changes to maritime heritage legislation had got me wondering. What the...?  Why the fuss? Will anyone care? Admittedly, after several years of being a blissfully ignorant recreational diver before joining The Sydney Project, this writer was relatively new to the hot-bed of politics and passion which is affectionately known as the “Technical Dive Community” perhaps should not have been surprised at the vocal and vehement level of interest and concern apparent across the industry. It’s nothing if not passionate!


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