Searching for the Robert J Walker

 A possible wreck site of the Liberty Ship Robert J Walker to be dived on 30th August 08. At team of 8 will be traveling to the South Coast, to do a check out dive on a site claimed to be a shipwreck.

If the site does indeed prove to be a shipwreck, this could be the Liberty Ship Robert J Walker, which was the only casualty of a U-Boat on the Australian Eastern Seaboard.

Further reports will be posted after the expedition.


Accident Diving the WTF wreck

Sven Paepke died yesterday  (27 October 2007) on a Sydney Project club dive to the wreck known as the Iron Knight in 125m of water off Bermagui NSW Australia.

While descending with his buddy, Sven appeared to lose consciousness. Despite his buddy's repeated attempts to control Sven's buoyancy and re-establish his breathing, Sven and his buddy sank to the bottom in approximately 125m of water. Further attempts by his buddy and another Sydney Project diver failed to re-establish Sven's breathing and consciousness, and could not achieve positive buoyancy. With the shot line dragging in the high current, and the divers planned bottom time being exceeded, the difficult decision was made by the two divers to begin their 3.5 hour ascent.


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