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Mammoth Cave, Slug Lake - Oct 2004

Aim: Initial purpose of this trip was to pursue the deeper lead of slug lake beyond the 96mtr point reached by Allum and O’Brien in 1999. To achieve this goal safely the use of closed circuit rebreathers were to be utilized. This would allow the diver more time to explore and document the cave. This would not be possible with conventional scuba due to the huge logistics and support necessary to move large amounts of Open circuit equipment.

Due to a current policy of the Jenolan Trust, rebreathers have, at this time been banned from being used in any of the sites under the trust’s jurisdiction. Our permit was approved about 4weeks before the proposed dates under the proviso that rebreathers weren’t to be used.


Bermagui - Nov 2004

“OK Stewart no probs, I’ll get some marks for the William Dawes from the local trawlers to check against yours, while you’re down here would you like to dive the Bega as well?”

What sort of question is that? After a brief pause to collect myself I manage a reply, “Absolutely, do you know where it is?”

“’Course I do, the fishermen have known for years!”

Wellington Cave - Sep 2004

Silent Caves

The first rebreather diving to be done in Wellington, a NSW cave by Sydney Project Divers, conducted Successfully over a weekend, and here is the story By Samir Alhafith:

Having had the chance to dive on a Rebreather in the Nullarbor Plain, I knew cave diving on any Closed Circuit Rebreather had its challenges, and rewards in such harsh environment.

My first experience diving an Inspiration rebreather in a cave came during our Cocklebiddy expedition in September 2003. This cave is huge, with big passages in some sections were two buses could fit side by side with room to spare! But what was to come this time was totally different; hard work like at Cocklebiddy, but very different.


SS Cumberland - Jun 2004

The usual suspects plus some visitors from the south:

Sydney Project members:

  • Paul Garske
  • Samir Alhafith
  • Dave Apperley (video)
  • Mark Spencer (stills photographer)
  • Simon Hadwin


VicTech members:

  • Greg Hodge
  • Mark Ryan
  • Craig Howell (video)


The story

After an 8 hour drive from either Sydney or Melbourne the expedition team members met in Eden on Friday night 11th June 2004 for the Sydney Project’s second Cumberland expedition. We had originally planned the expedition for April but an intense low pressure system right over the dive site caused the postponement. Fortunately the weather looked good this time and we were all ready for our weekends diving.


Free Diving

Free Diving

Breaking Records in Australian waters...

On June 5th 2004, Sacha Dench descended to depth 44 metres on the wreck of the Dredge Barge the Cooloolie. The wreck is a scuttled barge lying of Long Reef, Sydney, Australia in 48 metres to the sand, lying on its starboard side.


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