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SS Wear - May 2008

Leap of Faith

“What is that that just jumped out of the water?” I look up over shoulders of Sydney Project Team members gearing up and follow the direction that Keith Appleby is pointing towards. Off over into the distance I witness a mako shark of around two and a half metres in length jump straight out of the water; barrel roll and splash back down…


USS William Dawes - Apr 2008

Friday 18th of April saw 6 bottom divers, two support dives a supervisor and deckie drive on down to Keith’s property – Dybara.

Most of the team arrived to settle into two of Dybara’s units, which are really more like small houses and were completely asleep by the time the SS Samir docked outside at 11:45. A good thing too, as the alarms were set for 5:00 am to meet Keith at Binjarra to set off from the wharf by 6:30am.


The Two Mexican's, Diving The Wear & Bega

Two new Mexicans arrived on a cold Saturday night, 12th of May, after a very long drive to an empty holiday cabin, with no Northerners in sight. Soon after lighting a fire to warm up, people started arriving. First up we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew, who excitingly informed us of his deepest sand dive to date on the “Vicinity”. This being our first trip with the Sydney Project, we were getting somewhat concerned!!! Soon enough all were present and after some introductions, catch-ups and general banter, in amongst writing up run time slates (much to Kevin’s dismay some 12 hours pre departure) we were all set for a good feed.


The Vicinity, Diving the Wear & Bega

Oh – you mean the SS Wear? Well… the week of May 7 was one full of an old feeling that had been lacking for a while, anticipation mingled with a healthy dose of nervousness. Something new was on for me: a dive to 120m on the SS Wear.


SS Cumberland - Feb 2007

Expedition Date: February 17th & 18th 2007

The Sydney Project dive team comprised Samir Alhafith, Kevin Okeby, Mark Spencer, Fritz Breuseker, Phil Gray, Mike Wynd, Michael Kalman, Tony Keen, Mark Eaves with Barry Brock (a neighbour and friend of Kevin’s) providing valuable and appreciated assistance on the boat.


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