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More deep dives reveal true identity of Bermagui shipwreck

More deep dives reveal true identity of Bermagui shipwreck

Narooma News - 25 May 2011

VOLUNTEER extreme scuba divers have come up with a surprising revelation about the real identity of a World War II shipwreck off Bermagui.

The wreck formerly thought to be the BHP freighter Iron Knight is now believed to be another wartime ship sunk by a Japanese submarine.

Divers from the Sydney Project extreme diving group have continued their programs of dives on ships where they lie 120 to 140 metres down on the edge of the continental shelf.


Secret of the Deep

Sydney Morning Herald - 03 June 2006

Secret of the deep June 3, 2006 An elite group of amateur divers has found an important wreck while pushing the limits of their sport, writes James Woodford.

UNDERNEATH Samir Alhafith was the kind of inky blackness that astronauts talk of when they first see space. Alhafith and three others were swimming last Saturday in the open ocean at a depth of 125 metres, more than 12 nautical miles off the South Coast town of Bermagui. It was, by just

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