Bermagui - May 2010

After several setback with weather in 2010, we finally were ready to travel down South to Bermagui, and dive on our mystery wreck that we trying to identify.

By Friday we ended up with just 3 bottom divers, with Dave not getting his cells on time have killed his chances of any diving. Everyone arrived in Bermagui on Friday and had dinner at the pub, except for me being unsocial bastard who stayed in the bar to watch the Footy (Ed Note: Watching the Doggies loose I suspect)!!!

Saturday morning was beautiful, a little cool but never the less a wonderful day. With little wind, and no swell the ride on the quick and comfortable boat was magical. It took about 30min to get to the site. Once we sounded the wreck, support crew got the deco station in the water, and basically ran the show which was fantastic, as it left us the diver to concentrate on getting our self ready, this was less stressful and made you a lot more relaxed before the dive. Having extra hands on deck really does make a difference.

There was half a knot of current on the surface, and later we found about a knot mid water. I had a bit of a set back with my scooter, when I jumped in the water and decided to take the camera off, and hand it back to the boat. Once I got that sorted we got back to the shot line and dropped down. During getting ready on the boat, John and Nick already had the backup gas on the line and fixed a tangle in the deco station.

Kevin and Fil were much quicker than me to get down, it took me 8 minutes with the current, and visibility got worst as it got deeper, on the bottom it was down to around 10m, and it was dark.

The shot landed some distance from the wreck, it may have been 50m away, but in that visibility we had no chance of seeing the wreck. Kevin and Fil had a look  around by the time I got down, but still no wreck in site, as disappointing as it was, it was time for nearly 4 hours of deco. The water on bottom was 16C and about 20C on deco.

We had a funny situation happen during deco. Kevin was a couple of meters above me and Fil, and Fil was deep in his book and me just day dreaming, suddenly we started to sink a bit!! Hmm look up, and the buoy on one side of the deco station was gone?!!!!! Later we found out that it was another Garske splice that striked!!!

The support didn¹t notice because they had the deco station connected to the shotline on top, and later I asked Nick to let it go, as we were in the current and not comfortable!

What the support crew thought, was that the drifting buoy is the shot line, and deco station is drifting, except it was our buoy forever sailed into the sunset. With Fil giving me funny looks, and later I found out he was not happy that I wasn¹t putting marker buoy in that side to level the deco station, only issue I had was my reel got ripped off and lost on the ladder when I was giving the scooter back!! My jump reel line is very and would never hold the weight.

So we all got back to the boat eventually, caught a yellow fin Tuna for some Sashimi (Yum), we even had a marlin hooked for a brief moment inside a bait ball!!

The dinner and breakfast that John wiped up was second to none, the man was a machine the whole weekend, and coming on a trip with John just for food is enough :)))

Thanks heaps mate, that was great.

The support crew was great, everyone did an amazing job, and I have never been so excited to get back to south coast and repeat it again, hopefully with a wreck and a working scooter.



  • Kevin
  • Fil
  • Samir



  • AJ
  • Ange
  • John
  • Nick
  • Dave Pearson
  • Frits


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