What's In a Name

How this group of divers set out to find one ship….and kept the name instead.

When a few tech divers dreamt of diving a ship wreck called “The HMAS Sydney”, the enthusiasm was high. Diving options at the time were predictable, scuttled wrecks, in shallows, or perhaps an occasional dive on either HMAS Encounter (a scuttled Cruiser) or the pretty but small (30mtrs long) P.S.Koputai. So the idea of diving an elusive Australian naval vessel for the first time provided a new level of excitement, direction and focus among a band of intrepid divers.

This new goal was inspiration to build dive experience and learn new skills and techniques that would be necessary to dive a deeper site such as “The Sydney”. The “Project” of achieving this came to involve research, knowledge sharing, dive training, practice and planning sessions.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it!) it turned out that HMAS Sydney was sunk in incredibly deep water and likely to remain in the realm of mystery for some time to come…

However, the spark had been lit and the band of divers who dared to dream of the “Sydney Project” had already successfully performed dives in depths exceeding 100+ meters: the unofficial start of what we have now become.

The original band of divers stayed their course of maritime exploration and made things more official. The Sydney Project name has since come to encompass that thirst for discovery, for elite levels of diving, for discovering the unknown and now symbolises what can be achieved when passionate people dedicate themselves to achieving a common, ambitious, dream.