Coast Farmer

Screw Steamer, Bermagui, NSW
  • Max Depth:        130 Mtrs           
  • Average Depth: 120 Mtrs
  • Average Viz:       10 Mtrs
  • Construction:    Steel     
  • Sank In:              20 July, 1942
  • Lives Lost:          1

First dived by Sydney Project divers in 2006, and originally thought to be iron ore carrier Iron Knight. However, further dives revealed too many anomalies for this mystery wreck to be The Iron Knight.

This wreck is currently presumed to be the Coast Farmer, having matching features and dimensions, as is equipped with a British 12 pounder gun, and measured at 90m long.

Further research will determine if this wreck is indeed the Coast Farmer, or perhaps may be revealed to actually be the other contender: the wreck of the Wear.