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Because it takes a team.

No single person could run the expeditions we run: this is team work. Elite, extreme and very deep team work.

Just some of the roles on any expedition include:

  • Research & documentation
  • Technical Divers
  • Safety Officer
  • Dive Supervisor
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Underwater photographers
  • Support divers
  • Skipper
  • Crew
  • Drivers / gear logistics
  • it goes on….

From co-ordinating dive plans, to deploying deco stations, monitoring weather conditions to communication between divers below and the ship Captain, from loading equipment to organising the (all important) catering….while no two trips are the same, some things are common to all and everyone is involved in making it happen.

The Sydney Project is a member-based organisation. We work as a team, support each other in our dive journeys, and work together on developing the skills, cohesion, systems and processes needed to achieve each expedition objective.

Applications to join The Sydney Project are welcome can be made by requesting, completing and submitting the:

  1. Membership Application Form
  2. Medical Declaration Form