Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to get involved with exploring the the unknown, new underwater frontiers, mysterious shipwrecks? We could use your help…

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The Sydney Project are an elite team of divers working in extreme conditions …. & we can only do that with exceptional technology.

We currently have a few opportunities to be involved and support our expeditions, without getting wet directly.

The Sydney Project works collaboratively with retailers and manufacturers of relevant equipment to:

  • Put your product to the test in a way that advocates exploration, enables discoveries and promotes the advancement of knowledge
  • Share our use of endorsed products to the wider dive community
  • Provide a unique platform to reach the broader public through our media releases and industry partnerships

Examples of current sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Underwater lights – that can withstand the pressures that we can
  • Scanning equipment – if you can help with the map, we can find the wreck!

Hold region of Cumberland stern, flattened by salvage work in 1953, by Risdon Beasley from the UK. Faint shape of more intact midships in background. Kevin Okeby modelling. Depth 96m to floor.